Public education and information is one of the three roles of the BC Treaty Commission. To keep audiences informed, the Treaty Commission produces a number of valuable resources and tools that are informative for First Nations, British Columbians and Canadians. 

Such resources and tools include:

•    annual reports
•    publications that explain different aspects of treaty (PDF)
•    guides to the treaty negotiations process, and also success stories (PDF)
•    presentations and videos from forums and conferences
•    an interactive timeline
•    newsletters
•    informative videos
•    social media

The Treaty Commission encourages the public and educators to reach out to local First Nations to build relationships that can provide insights into a path to reconciliation, inclusive of their vision, and your shared role in advancing it.

The governments of Canada and BC also share the responsibility of providing public information on negotiations, and the three Parties to each set of negotiations are required to provide specific information on the progress of their treaty tables. Therefore, Canada, British Columbia and First Nations are also a resource for information. For our current information on table negotiations status, read our latest annual report.


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