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Photographs of the Lheidli T'enneh, Sliammon and Maa-nulth First Nations and the governments of Canada and BC in negotiations by Photographer Gary Fiegehen.

What's New:
First Ministers Meeting Helpful to Negotiations
December 12, 2005: By the federal government making this commitment to First Nations, it is going to bring about a change in the environment, it's going to improve our dialogue and it's going to bring about a more positive environment in which negotiations can be fruitful," says Chief Commissioner Steven Point. Read more...

Chief Commissioner Speaks to UBCM:
October 14, 2005: Chief Commissioner Steven Point speaks to UBCM conference delegates on the importance of a new relationship with First Nations. Read more...

Changing Point: Treaty Commission Annual Report 2005
September 27, 2005: Says the Commission�"the Treaty Commission believes the prospects for agreements in the years ahead should be much better. The preparedness, generally, of the parties to enter into treaties is improving and the issues are better understood. Under these conditions, there are First Nations that are moving forward relatively quickly now towards agreements." Read more...

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Feature Story:
Letter from the Chief Commisioner
First of all I would like to applaud the commissioners and staff for steering the Treaty Commission over the past year

We're at a changing point.

in the absence of a chief commissioner and also for their support and encouragement since I was appointed six months ago.

Second I'd like to share my experience with regard to a very significant event. I was supposed to be in Ottawa on Thursday, June 16 to meet with Indian Affairs Minister Andy Scott, but the meeting was cancelled. So, I was fortunate to be in Victoria on a very special day - the day the BC government ended 134 years of denial and finally gave recognition to aboriginal rights and title in this province. Read more...


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